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Created with vue-cli

This example shows how to set up PurgeCSS with vue-webpack template. Once you initialized your project with vue init webpack, install the webpack plugin for PurgeCSS:
npm i --save-dev glob-all purgecss-webpack-plugin
You need to modify the file webpack.prod.conf.js by adding the following code:
line 13
// import PurgeCSS webpack plugin and glob-all
const PurgecssPlugin = require('purgecss-webpack-plugin')
const glob = require('glob-all')
line 58
// Remove unused CSS using PurgeCSS. See https://github.com/FullHuman/purgecss
// for more information about PurgeCSS.
new PurgecssPlugin({
paths: glob.sync([
path.join(__dirname, './../src/index.html'),
path.join(__dirname, './../**/*.vue'),
path.join(__dirname, './../src/**/*.js')


This example is importing the bootstrap css framework. Without PurgeCSS, the css file size is 117 kB. Using PurgeCSS, the css file size is 2.98 kB
Last modified 3yr ago